Products -Industrial paper-

Introduction of Paper Board Department of Nissho Iwai Paper and Pulp Corporation.

Products -Industrial paper-

The Industrial Paper Department mainly handles ‘protective’ and ‘packing’ type paper.

very high substance water resistance liner board :

Imported from the U.S.A., this paper is converted into HIPLE ACE, which can then serve as a substitute for traditional wooden crates or boxes.

Kraft paper :

Kraft paper is used for sack bags containing cement, rice, or other heavier materials. It is also used for other types of commercial packaging, such as department store shopping bags. Today, kraft paper is taking more and more of an important role in the 'packing' industry in general.

Metal interleaving paper, glass interleaving paper :

Interleaving paper is an industrial 'specialty-type' paper not commonly used in daily life. One of its roles is in the transportation and processing of metal and glass, in which it helps to protect product surfaces from scratching, moisture, and corrosion. Our company is dedicated to producing only the highest quality of 'interleaving paper', such as needed for the protection of high-tech products like mobile phones, computer screens, and flat-screen TV's. We are involved in the complete development and conversion of this paper, dedicated to meeting the highest quality needs of our clients.

Japan Paper technology (Vietnam) :

Japan Paper Technology (JPT) was established as a joint venture between Nissho Iwai Paper, Pulpcorp and Chubu-Shikou KK. Our factory is currently located in Hochiminh City, Vietnam, and supplies heavy-sack kraft bags to Japan, Australia and other Southeast Asian nations. Our factory's heavy-sack kraft bags consistently have a reputation amongst our clients as being of the highest quality.
Japan Paper technology (Vietnam)

Through our unique business approach, we are striving to be at the top of our field. And our client's satisfaction is always our number one priority.

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