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Basic Recognition

In recognition of the fact that preservation of the natural environment is our social responsibility, NIPAP considers environmental activities to be an integral part of business management, and is committed to putting its fullest effort into working to achieve sustainable development.
NIPAP will promote the following environmental preservation activities and carry out environmentally conscious business activities and work to strengthen recycling system.

Environmental Policies

1. The observance of environmental laws and agreements

NIPAP is committed to observing all environmental laws, regulations andagreements related to our operational activities, both in Japan and abroad.

2. Measures to prevent the pollution of the environment

In keeping with measures to prevent pollution of the environment, NIPAP will fulfill our social duty by helping to prevent the degradation of the natural environment and to effect its improvement where possible. We will also use global resources effectively by conserving energy and resources as well as using recycled materials and reducing waste.

3. The promotion of Paper Recycling Business

NIPAP promotes the re-use of materials used by waste paper, recycling of refinement products and other environmentally conscious products.
NIPAP has continued not only to strengthen its paper recycling capabilities, but also to develop refinement paper contributing to CO2 reduction.

4. Green Procurement Promotion

NIPAP always considers the environmental effects by purchasing recycle products, global resources or environmentally conscious services.

5. Establishment of environmental management system

In order to carry out environmental activities, NIPAP constantly improves upon our environmental management system responsible for promoting environmental preservation.
By conducting environmental audits, we will strive to continuously further our efforts concerning environmental issues.

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