Message from CEO

Message from CEO

Our company was established in July 1988 with 100% investment by Nissho Iwai Corporation (currently Sojitz Corp.) under the name “NI Package Corp.”.

In 1992, we changed our company name to the current “Nissho Iwai Paper and Pulp Corporation”. Additionally, in November 1999, in order to improve our own financial strength and creditworthiness, we implemented third-party allocation of shares to major paper mills and business partners, and thus introduced outside capital.
(Currently, Nissho Iwai Paper and Pulp Corporation is an associated company of Sojitz Corporation and not a subsidiary)

In April 2000, we acquired the Pulp and Paper Department of Kanematsu Corporation, which significantly enlarged our business operation and manpower. And after the transfer of commercial rights of Toyota Tsusho Corporation’s waste paper business in February 2013, our company is now in its current state.

Our sales team consists of 4 units, Packaging Paper, Paper (machine-made), Raw Materials, and Pulp.
Our team covers all businesses from raw materials to finished products in the paper industry. We also have Business Development Department under CEO and this department study sales-opportunity for new materials, such as Cellulose nanofibers (CNF) and biodegradable plastic/paper. And also we are considering new recycling business under SDGs movement and expansion of over-sea business.

In addition, we are working to expand overseas transactions in Asia with the collaboration of Sojitz Corporation, and newly established our representative office in Vietnam in July 2014, Vietnam in July 2014, for supporting our customers and our Joint Venture companies,such as Japan Paper Technology (JPT) and Settsu Carton Vietnam (SCV).

In September 2000, we obtained Environmental ISO certification and started shifting our business operations to be conducted in more ECO- friendly ways. While strictly complying with environmental law and regulations, we promote the development of environmental business and strive to become an excellent company that positively contributes to people, society and the environment.

We hope that we will continue to be trusted and loved by our business partners and shareholders, and aim to become a highly selected distributor in this industrial business field.

We greatly appreciate your patronage support and guidance in the future.

Nissho Iwai Paper and Pulp Corporation
Noriaki Shutoh

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